The History of Stop Rezoning Now


The web site was started in March, 2006 when it was learned that Wayne Brothers, Inc. intended to buy the J.C. Wallace property and build a cement plant. The web site was used to distribute information about the rezoning application.


Keith Wayne petitioned the Cabarrus County Planning and Zoning Board in 2006 for a rezoning of this site that would allow for industrial and heavy commercial uses. One of the buildings shown on the proposed site plan was a concrete plant for Wayne Brothers Concrete Company.


This rezoning was denied. Mr. Wayne then modified the rezoning plan to include a combination of commercial, retail, and residential projects. This was brought before the Cabarrus County Planning and Zoning Board in 2006 and once again did not get enough votes to be approved. Mr. Wayne appealed this decision to the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners in September, 2006. The rezoning request was once again denied.


Currently, there is a bill in the North Carolina House called HB1205, The Kannapolis Annexation Bill.  This bill is sponsored by Representatives Linda Johnson and Jeff Barnhart, and Senator Fletcher Hartsell. Under current state law, Kannapolis can NOT annex this parcel of land. 


If this bill were to pass, it would grant Kannapolis the right to annex this property even though it is prohibited under the existing state law.  This bill would apply only to the Kannapolis annexation of this particular property.  Mr. Wayne would then be able to get another shot at rezoning from the Kannapolis Planning and Zoning Board.  He has already submitted proposed site plans to the City of Kannapolis.

This site contains all the information we could acquire regarding the rezoning attempts. It is correct and factual to the best of our knowledge. If you find an error, please email and bring it to my attention. You also need to be able to prove that the correction you propose is accurate. 


Thank you for your continued interest to this community service.



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